Crib lands


Terra di Presepi

More of 30 cribs are waiting for your visit. They are placed in all the historic rooms of our farm such as the old cellar, the old oil mill and in the “coppaio”.

These cribs are real artistic achievements that lead the visitor not only to appreciate the creativity and skill of the builders but also and above all to reflect on the true meaning of the Crib and the values of peace, love, solidarity and justice that derive from it; values shared also by that rural civilization that the Museum of agricultural activities present, wants to make known to the new generations.

An opportunity to meditate on Christmas and learn about many historical realities and small villages in the heart of Tuscany. More than one hundred thousand visitors expected to visit the cribs through the various stages in the Terre di Presepi. A route on the Florence-Pisa axis that runs along the Arno between enchanting places and suggestive landscapes.

Terre di Pisa is a new brand for the promotion and enhancement of a tourism territory whose most popular destinations are, in addition to Pisa, the cities of Volterra and San Miniato.